The Other Side of Writing

In conclusion, the beginning of this essay should have utterly confused you by having the author (me!) attempting to start this essay with the conclusion, which in itself is a grave error as the first paragraph will always be called ‘the beginning’ even if it starts with “in conclusion” and should be taken as a warning for the madness ahead as I try to drag you to the end of this essay while trying to convince you to use the examples below. Having b??o??im or u?op?p?sdn text is awesome, no questions asked.

Yet myself or yourself can’t use this amazing methods as dictated by the (self-created) golden rule: Mess with MLA and you’ll be chopped into tiny pieces and fed to the pigs, which in itself came to being by the revelation of the ‘screwed’ phenomenon, which itself exists because of the bizarre fact that someone decided that placing the whole sovereignty of a classroom into the hands of a single person was such an intricate and unique idea at the time that it still pervades today alongside democracy and the idea of power-sharing and that concludes this episode of ‘run-on sentences’. However, our protagonist and cliffhanger-destroyer, Lady Luck, has sided with us as the ‘screwed’ phenomenon consequences can be graded from harmless to life threatening (or as titled ‘epically screw’), though the last one will most probably be caused by not addressing the AP question in your answer or writing a persuasive essay that doesn’t persuade anyone. And the sentence before this one leads to the conclusion that you’ll have to follow the limitations set by the teacher, which basically means that if you write a research paper then it should be explaining a concept like a narrative essay should be a personal story – Wait, what? That isn’t what a narrative essay should be? No, it’s just a story in chronological order? Then what have we been doing for the past four-five years?! Everyone has written a narrative essay like that! Yeah okay the guy behind me didn’t do that with his locked doors and disembodied voices, but it was still depicting a personal experience! What did you say? Goldilocks is a narrative essay?! The one with the three talking bears?! Where does it even say that?! – coming back from that short interlude, I’ve been informed by a fellow classmate that a narrative essay is something completely different and my common sense has been entirely shattered, though I’m confronted by the fact that next year I can write a different type of essay. Yeah next year my narrative essay will be different from everyone’s as they’ll have to rewrite the same personal experiences!We’ll see next year! Yeah, next year we’ll be the year for changes with a differently written narrative essay and headings to help me explain my concept in my next research paper (as explained below). Headings, headings, and more headings: And who doesn’t love headings? That only seem to be used by adults, even though it would help tremendously in a research essay by helping organise that essay so you can find your way in a sea of 2,000 or more words or to find that piece of information that’s just a sentence. And yet, headings are only in second place as first place is dominated by.

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.. Images that range from photos to drawings and anything that is a 2D doodle (or probably 3D in the future) and that is also seemingly limited to a few essays written by adult authors as it unfortunately comes equipped with the restriction that that image must support your topic. And with that in mind, you should be wondering why you’re not seeing images of cute kittens and cuddly puppies (that would be there for the purpose of attempting to sway your opinion and attention with those most adorable images and is also the reason as to why there isn’t much written here) as not all platforms of publishing support images and you have to slave to there rules to get published. Finally, you have reached the end of this essay and we must come to the conclusion that your education limits your creativity, because of the flawed thinking of fulfilling all grammar rules and the preconceived idea that an original essay is inferior to a successful and published one. Yet your education, even if flawed, is essential to our society by equipping us with the knowledge needed to achieve new discoveries and to live in this world.

Yet creativity, the ability to come up with an idea, is the individual that is slowly being extinguished by certain academic restraints, even though it is the primary reason of the existence of those certain academic restraints.