The Power of Words

Most young people today don’t value a good book. They would rather watch a television show or stay on social media. The truth is, they are missing out on one of the best parts of life.

The words within those pages tell a story: a story that can bring you to tears or take you on a great adventure. That’s the power of words. They can lead you on a journey. You can relate to them and connect with what is happening. You can be a fearless knight who slays the deadly beast to rescue a beautiful princess. You can the quiet girl who uses her strong mind to do something great.

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You can relive someone else’s experiences. You can feel what they feel. We use words to communicate our thoughts and opinions and emotions. We use words to empower others. Words are an important part of human life. Everyone has a story.

Everyone has the power to tell that story and however many more they shall choose.