The Premier

The government is not accountable in this case at all. Normally, the premier is supposed to take all complaints from the citizens into account and ensure they will be solved. However, despite his awareness of the current problem of long queues, the Premier does not use any resources to eliminate the problem (Richards & Mackenzie 1986 PP 108,204). He considers it as a micro problem. Numerous reports confirm that there are many complaints submitted to the government relating the long line problem which are not considered yet.

However, before re-election, the Premier will show his concern on matters that affect the citizens so that he can be elected by them. Transparency There are needed funds which the Premier could commit to help solve the problem yet he disregards it explaining it is not aimed at economic development (Meeks 1995, p.p 64, 86). Indeed, such actions of the personalities in the government slow the development of the country down and depress its citizens (Gissing 2007, p.p12, 14).

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The government is supposed to handle problems facing its citizens. However, in this case it seems that it runs away from its duty.Public Service Provision The government proves incapable of proper service delivery to its citizens. It does not work hand in hand with its governmental units obligated with service delivery in order to ensure the needs of its citizens. Instead, it said to be so beauracratic and rigidd.

There is a poor service delivery. This results in disappointment of the travelers as their cry is not heard despite the media efforts to bring the issue in the limelight. Whose responsibility is it?In the provision of services to the citizens every organization involved evades responsibility (Barker 1986, pp 87). In this case, the staff at the station will blame the director of the rail station as well as the passengers. The director lays the blame on the government for not providing funds, the government blames the area’s representative in parliament and the passenger normally blames all of them. It is clear that no party wants to be a part of the problem but should a solution arise they all want to be identified with it.