The Relevance of School

School is worth it. The importance of it is very relevant. Even though school is so stressful it’s crazy.

It causes depression and stress in my opinion. But under all the flaws school has, it actually determines your future. The whole thought of having to go to school just make my stomach turn up. School sickens me to the fullest power. The homework the school gives is so pointless.

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It does help you though with test and quizzes you take. Tests and quizzes are usually hard for a person like me because my study habits aren’t the best. The teachers do sometimes help me stay on task when I start falling off. School is just a life test to see if you will be ready for real life situation. It also prepares you and informs you to be prepared for your future ahead. Those who try to fit in are the ones that will probably fail in life because they only really care about what people are thinking of them.

They feel being cool is more important than getting an education. The importance of education to some people just doesn’t stand out inside their brain as it should. But it does to me and my future. Without education, you are limited to a lot of huge opportunities. Chances you have in this world.

Education is key. The key to success.