Should School Last Year-Round?

Some students complain about school lasting all year-round.Others know how it can help them have a much better life because of their education.

Students all over the United States of America ( about 3,181 schools) have school lasting all year-round. To succeed in life people must have a good education; that is why school should last all year-round. School should last all year-round because it will give kids better education. Researchers did a study on three different schools in the year of 2000 and they found that the kids in the three year-round schools had better test scores and overall grades. That is because the regular school students have a long summer break.

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Over that time they forget what they learned. The students in year-round schooling have more knowledge and a better education because they do not have long summer break. The schools without a summer break have shown to have a much higher education level than the average student in their grade. Those students will also raise the average education level. Other students will be working harder to be above the average student. The students without a summer break stay in the groove of school so it is easier for them to remember what they learned.

When the students with a summer break advance to the next grade level they forget a good portion of what they learned.Then they complain that they do not get it. The students with a short intermission to advance to the next grade level do not forget a lot of what they learned. That makes it is a lot easier to learn new things with the knowledge they already have ofz the subjects they are going to learn. When students grow up or want better jobs; they can get better jobs with a good education.

They will get that good education if school lasts all year-round. Continuing from the last paragraph, the students who get better grades end up getting a good job because those better grades that they get will make them look better when they are applying for a job as a teenager. When students get the job they want they are more committed to that job than the students who are just working to get money. Those students who are more committed might gain more money or get a pay raise. I will explain about money in the next paragraph so lets just stick with jobs for a sentence or two. The students who are more committed and get a job they want will always be on their best game so they do not get fired.

The students with the jobs just to get money will slack off and careless about their jobs. That will get them fired and they will try to think why they got fired, and at that point they will figure out why. People are happier with more money and they will get more money because of a good job which they got from their well above average education. Because of the good education that got the students a better job so they get paid a lot of money. That good job might get them a pay raise as it said in the last paragraph. Those pay raises could help their family when they grow up or their current family.

That money could be put to good use like using it for going to college, taxes, bills, or even things we need to keep us alive like food and water. Some families struggle with money management because they spend it on items that do not need to be bought. They spend money on the taxes, bills, college, etc, but also spend it on worthless things that they do not need to buy and are just a waste of money that could make their families go broke. Families with the students who go to school year-round get more money because of a better job. That job was gotten because they got a better education from the year-round schooling. These students that are starting out with these little jobs, could get them high paying jobs in later life or they could start their own business that could turn out to be very successful.

That business that started small could turn out to make them a millionaire. These following five jobs all started small in a garage, Amazon, Harley Davidson, Google, Disney, and Apple. These companies started small and could lead these students who might create a small starting business to make a lot of money only because they went to year-round schooling. In the process of year-round schooling these students were probably complaining about how it is unfair that they do not get a summer break. Now while they have this successful business and are rich they are realizing that it was not so bad taking year-round schooling. People do not know that one of their children taking year-round schooling can become rich and live a good life. Parents should not push their child or children to work harder,but they could enroll them in year-round schooling.

Now people realize what a “worthless” education can get you.