The Rios Effect

Kristofer Rios walked casually into the Summer Journalism Institute that I attend at the Museum of Contemporary Art [MOCA]. With a natural confidence and a very insightful spirit about him, he began lecturing to the class. As aspiring journalists, my classmates and I naturally started to take notes during his introduction and background discussion. However, as Rios got deeper into the aspects of journalism and his own experiences, I dropped my pen and paid even closer attention to what he had to say.

I knew that day, journalism was right the career for me. Born in New York City and raised for 10 years in Puerto Rico, Rios is international and says that his success is based off of making connections, having the know how, and doing his job well. A quote from Rios that I will never forget is, “Part of being a journalist is understanding the human experience.” Being in love with both international news and my community, I knew exactly what Rios meant. Journalism is to inform the people and deliver a message to the public not only with politics but socially and culturally. The events and memories that Rios recalled reminded me of the same reasons I enrolled in my school newspaper and the Summer Journalism Institute at MOCA.

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He advised us all to develop our skills in every form of journalism because as journalist, we’re expected to be paid less, do a lot of work, and know everything. There is competitiveness in journalism but Rios excited me to fight for my place and become the best journalist that I could possibly be in all practicality. From answering my extremely difficult and intricate questions to his own inspiring anecdotes, Rios made a huge impression on me in the hour that he spoke to my class, and hopefully everyone who attended took away the same experience that I did.