The three types of people

Everyone in their lives has people who bug them. People who annoy the living daylights out of them. People whom they want to strangle until their eyeballs pop out of their heads. Everyone has them, I just happen to have more than most.

It’s not that there are more people who are annoying that come looking for me, it’s just that I am very particular about certain topics and there happen to be many more people who fit the opposite of those categories. And they are the ones who annoy me. Amongst those who annoy me, there exist the hey – guys – look – at – me –I’m – big – and – brawny – and – that – makes – me – better – than – you, the I – think – I’m – a – know – it – all – even – though – I’m – wrong – most – of – the – time (those are quite bad), and finally there are the I’m – annoying – and – I – know – it – but – I – don’t – care – I’m – going – to – keep – annoying – people. All of these people exist amongst the category of annoying, and I have been living with them for nigh on four years. All of them have existed within the confines of society and are afraid of being original and existing as a single separate group.

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All of these people were afraid as children to be original and different and because of that fear, they have chosen to fall under one of these categories. Regardless of whether or not they know it, they have become “annoying”. hey – guys – look – at – me –I’m – big – and – brawny – and – that – makes – me – better – than – you These people are a unique breed. When they were younger they somehow experienced a situation where somehow, someone who was bigger and stronger than another person asserted his dominance and was in control of the other smaller, weaker person. From when they saw this, they somehow got it into their mind that it was okay to rule others through brute strength, and not strength of mind.

From that day on, they decided that they were going to work out a set amount every day, and not to be healthy and fit, but to be able to make others cower under them and rule them through fear and not intellect. They either do it for that reason, or because all their lives they were undermined and forced to conform to those who were bigger and stronger than them. They lived through that and decided that when they grow up they were going to do the same thing. Instead of learning from his pain and suffering, he decided that he would inflict the same pain and suffering he felt to others. These people make up the majority of the annoying population and the fact that they rule the majority of society is truly frightening.

I – think – I’m – a – know – it – all – even – though – I’m – wrong – most – of – the – time Here we have people who all their lives have never been told by someone that they are wrong. Because their whole lives no one has told them that every once in a while you are going to be wrong because you are human, they think that every random spout of words that comes out of their mouths is fact. These ones have gone on so far into their lives without ever being told that they are wrong sometimes that even when the facts are shown to their faces proving them to be in falsehood, they refuse to believe it even though they are being proven wrong to their faces. They will argue with you to seemingly the ends of the earth trying to prove themselves right but they won’t ever use facts acquired from reliable sources, they will just say I know this and because I know it, it is right.