Different Types of AP students

There are many types of AP students, but there are three primary personalities of AP students that cast a shadow over all of the others.

The three AP students that can be defined are: 1) The procrastinator, 2) The industrious and determined worker, and 3) The effortless genius. Classifying the different types of AP students can help you decide which type you are and what path you need to take to be most successful throughout your high school career using your talents and strengths. The three types of AP students typically are motivated by different ideals and things, so it is necessary to discern what motivates you and use it to do well and chase a good high school experience. The first main type of AP student is the procrastinator, and this student behaves exactly just how it sounds. If you’re in an AP class, almost 70% of the class can fall into this category.

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This AP student is defined as the person who waits until the very last minute to complete an important assignment. The common excuse used by people in this category is “I’m in many other AP classes as well, I have a hard time keeping up with the work load in this one!” However, this student still goes home after school, lays on the couch, and watches TV for hours and often decides to start their homework late into the night. It is a mindset. Most students will become more motivated when presented with a massive load of work while many will crack under the pressure; brain shutting down and getting none of their tasks done. Because of this, the quality of work may be much lower than other student’s work. Procrastinating is never the answer, and if you feel that you fall into this category, set an alarm in your phone earlier in the day to remind you to do your homework at a reasonable time.

It is appalling how much a long way a little bit of organization could go! The second prominent type of AP student is the industrious and determined worker. This student has a difficult time in the class, so they put in more effort anywhere they can to achieve a good grade. These learners are always at home with at least one book open at all times. Each class contain about 4 of these students, and the teacher tends to scatter their seats around the room to help the kids with little to no motivation, like the procrastinators.The sole advantage that these people is that they’re motivated by a much bigger picture.

They see that if they work hard, they will achieve great things. Procrastinators only see the smaller image, their well-being at the moment. Industrious students will do nearly anything to pursue a better grade in that class, and extend their knowledge farther than other people. If you’re an industrious student, keep up the good work. Stress for the future is a good driving force, but don’t let it overwhelm you as it can burn you out. Try to find a medium between a life of studying and a social life to preserve your mental health.

These students are bound to be the most successful in their lives. My advice to procrastinators is to look for your future, and don’t focus on the now. Finally, the third type of AP kid is the natural born genius, the person born to learn, the sponge of knowledge. There are about two of these students in every class, and they can be characterized as the kids who are usually slightly off task, go on their phones, and seem as if they are not paying attention. However, they’re multi-tasking, absorbing every little detail that the teacher states or writes on the whiteboard. These kids go home, do their homework, and turn it in with no problem at all.

These students are also the same type of students who can work out a very difficult equation in their heads in math class; it’s extraordinary how easily they remember information and use it to their advantage. These students are biological computers. This all is because their brains are very developed, and they work hard, but they do not have to work as hard as the determined and industrious worker to achieve the same grade. It’s almost as if the knowledge comes naturally, a chemical reaction in their brain. Electrical synapses fire faster, problem solve easier. These students are often envied by the procrastinators, who would love to have the same quality of work.

If you are a natural born learner, you will easily go places in life, but do not lose focus of what you are in school for, and do not waste your talent either because often times many children will lose their creativity and edge going into adulthood. The three types of AP students differ greatly from each other in personality and work ethic, so it is important that you uncover which category you fall into. Knowing what motivates you is the key to success because you can take action to achieve your main goals. Find out what you strive for, grab that idea, and run with it.