The Tweet

Last Sunday, I found myself stuck inside my room on the first sunny and 75 degree day of March.I was tirelessly preparing for the two tests I had the next day as was everyone else in my neighborhood.We all stared out our windows gasping at the presence of the sun wishing we could go outside and play as if we were five again.

I took a break from studying, and I had a “Twitter moment.”I proceeded to post: “My homework is like a wall holding me back from the enjoyment of life and the beauty of nature.”Now some may make a comment about how I should not have waited until the last minute to study, however, I had already spent days reviewing for those assessments.But let’s all be honest here and say it is a probably a good idea to study the day before no matter how much you have prepared beforehand. This is not an argument that teachers should not be allowed to give tests on Monday, or how homework on the weekend is unfair or deserves to be banned.

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This is simply stating something I believe deserves to be reassessed.Why should we all be shoved inside on a beautiful day because of homework and ultimately school? Union Grove already keeps the student body as well as teachers trapped inside its dreary off-white plastered walls for five days out of the week.Why is it that the only contact with the outdoors is the senior courtyard and the occasional half-mile run for those enrolled in gym? I am simply pointing out that being at one with nature during the school day may be effective.A place where students are just as productive as they would be in an indoor classroom, except it brings a new fire to learn and discover. These beautiful days deserve to not be wasted, but rather utilized to better the minds of students and give a much needed absence from cinderblock walls and spotted carpet.