The Vice and Virtue

To begin with this Personal Vice to Virtue Project, I have picked two adjectives to describe my personal vice and virtue using the letter “L”. My virtue is something many people have said about me, and it is that I am a very loving person. It takes me awhile to warm up to someone, but when I do I love them forever. I am the type of person that would give my last to someone whom I loved.

Love has no limit to me, and I love everyone that loves and respects me in return. In addition to my love for people, I also have a con which is being very lethal. When i am angry or frustrated, mean, lethal words come out of my mouth. I can be a very lethal person, as in harmful with my words. When I get aggravated I do not seem to have a filter, and I tend to hurt others feelings.

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Being a loving person is something everyone enjoys, but as a person I need to work on becoming less lethal and more understanding when annoyed.