The Website

Imagine how much paper we waste in schools. There is a way to lower the amount of paper that will benefit students as well as teachers. Having a website that contains work, homework and tests would stop us from struggling and lower the use of paper.

Carrying heavy books can cause health problems for students. Putting textbooks on the website would help prevent this. This way we will stop carrying them around. In addition, books wouldn’t get lost, stolen or damaged. Students’ backs and schools’ books would be safe with this method. ?Many people may not agree with this idea.

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Students would have to use a laptop or an iPad. They might think that students are just going to play around and not complete their work. However, schools can lockup certain websites during the school day. This idea applies when doing any quiz or test; teachers can lock the screen. Another benefit of having this website is that we wouldn’t be wasting that much paper.

Having this website can help us demand less paper and save more trees. Also, students that have difficulties with the language can use Google Translate. It will therefore be easier for them to understand the work. Electronic resources can be used for good causes too.

Some schools may not want to spend the money needed for this plan. However, the cost of the technology would be balanced by not buying paper. Having a website for school work would be great for students’ health and the environment.