What I Dislike about school

What I dislike about school are the following: Students should go to school later and do activities in the morning. The schools should serve a healthier meal and student should not have to carry books from class to class.

First, I think getting more sleep in my day will help me stay awake and not keep dosing off in class when I really want to stay awake. Also, it might improve my grades. Second, I think if schools served a much healthier meal, students might pick up on that habit. Also, not having so many vending machines with chocolates and sodas in them but with fruit snacks and water so that students have a much healthier diet. Last, I think if the teachers kept the books in their room students wouldn’t lose or destroy them. Also, the school wouldn’t lose or destroy them.

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Also, the school wouldn’t have to pay for the books every so many years because students vandalized them. For instant, almost everyone has dropped their books and have got so embarrassed plus got a tardy slip “right” Well, if students didn’t carry their books their wouldn’t be vandalize or harm to the books. Then schools wouldn’t have to worry about getting new ones and were the old ones are.