School Uniforms Are Beneficial

Kids wearing a uniform at school is a good opportunity for them because it has a positive impact on school learning.Some people say that kids who wear a school uniform are not as beneficial as schools say they are.Other people might say that there is no evidence that school uniforms have a positive impact on school learning in published studies.School uniforms help kids stay on task, keep their grades up, and kids are less aggressive towards each other.

Kids that wear school uniforms will help them later on in life. One reason why schools should have uniforms because it will help kids stay focused/on task in school.Everyone looks the same so it is easier to stay on task. Parents also think school uniforms are a good opportunity for their children. “Over the past year kids academic grades have gone up 64% when wearing school uniforms and kids attendance has gone up 44%”.NAESP(page 1).

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This has also shown that kids get there work done and do not mess around in the classroom. Another reason why schools should have uniforms because uniforms will help prevent fights in and around schools.Uniforms improves behavior in the kids.Reduces peer pressure for the children.It also helps reduce bullies in the schools environment.

Kids should not be treated the way they are.They will have more respect by wearing a school uniform because it makes them look more formal.Uniforms will also make it easier for the children to learn. The last reason why schools should have uniforms is because it will help keep their academic grades up.Kids should go to school to learn and teachers should go to school to teach.Kids should not be going to school to goof around and get in trouble.

Teachers should not go to school to discipline the students for their bad behavior. Some people might say that “Students need to express who they are.” Says Newsela(page 1).Students do not need to do that at school.The students are at school to learn and be successful, so they can have a good job for themselves in life.Therefore school uniforms are made for having a success in school.

Dr.Draa says “Uniforms can be beneficial by blurring class lives and decreasing peer pressure.”(Do Clothes make the students, Dr.Draa, page 3).”Wearing a school uniform contributes to school pride and has a positive impact on self-esteem”, according to Dr.Clouet (page 3, Do clothes make the students).

Kids who wear a uniform to school have an opportunity for themselves to have a better learning environment.It is important for kids to wear a school uniform because kids stay on task, keep their grades up, and they are less aggressive towards each other.School uniforms are helpful to the students, teachers, and parents.The uniforms help the students by not worrying about what other kids are wearing and by raising their academic grades caused by them concentrating and being on task.School uniforms do not work for everyone.Do you think school uniforms will stop kids from getting bullied at your school?