The Wonderful World of Homework

The homework situation, or should I say the luxury of doing homework, is something that students at my school have the privilege of being a part of. They always enjoy the long nights of doing homework and love to be engaged with and be able to connect with people from history. They love the homework, and hope that teachers never change it to give them less. We asked several students about what they thought of the homework at school. They all had such great things to say.

For example, Peter G. said, “I love it very much! Thank you teachers so much!” Can’t you see that the students are so happy with the homework they are assigned to do? The students there are so thrilled to be involved, and would never trade their homework for anything else in the world. The story of how these students became so happy will be presented in tonight’s edition. Homework is such a pleasure for so many reasons. Who would want to be hanging out with friends or rather, do anything social, when you could be trapped in your room at home doing homework for six hours? Exactly — nobody. Homework is so much better than any social activity.

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You are talking to Christopher Columbus and Albert Einstein instead of your boring old friend who is having a party. Homework is such a great thing for every student to have in his or her life. Who wouldn’t want to be doing homework for six hours and then not have any time to study for the four tests you have the next day? Homework is so great because it prevents you from studying for that big test the next day in Chemistry, or that unit test in Geometry. Teachers help out their students so much by giving them other things to do besides studying, such as essays, worksheets, and lab reports. When the end of the marking period rolls around, and you have straight D’s, you must feel great knowing you did all of your homework. Do you have anything to do on a Friday night? Of course not.

So why not write two essays and a lab report in your free time? It is such a great way to spend time, learning. Do you have a family dinner on Saturday night with your cousins that you haven’t seen in years? Now you have an excuse not to be at the dinner with the people you have missed so much. And on Mondays, if you finally finish your homework at 12:00 AM and you feel so accomplished, don’t fret. You will do it all again the next day. And the next day. And the next day.

And the next day. I think you get where this is going. And if you don’t know anything about nuclear chemistry for your twelve-page essay in Chemistry, there is no reason to worry either. Don’t fear, the three other essays due the next day are here! This gives you plenty of time to think of ideas before you get around to that essay. After all, there is no better feeling knowing you skipped dinner because you are so dedicated and devoted to your homework.

The teachers fully support the homework situation, and also have thoughts on how to improve it. We interviewed one these teachers and asked them about their thoughts on the issue of not enough homework. His response was, “Well, I do see how this is an issue. From the first day of school to the last, each teacher should give their students as much homework as possible. With all the material we must cover throughout the year, it is hard to finish it all.

This is why students should learn some of this at home. And if they don’t understand it, it is ok because they understand most of the other things we teach them.” Teachers are thrilled with the homework students are doing, so why not give more? So teachers, do these kids a favor by giving them more homework! They would really appreciate it.