Theatre Program Advocacy Letter

I am a senior and participate in several parts of the music program including Fine Arts Club, choir, music theory, and an independent study. I am thankful to be part of a program with a number of dedicated and hardworking students; I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in these activities the past three years.

However, I find one disadvantage to some of these musicians. There are students who have been active in musical theatre since childhood – including some who are not involved in the program at Arrowhead. The Broadway Company, who are national high school champions, is a great class when it comes to theatre arts. However, it leaves others, planning on making a career in theatre, without an opportunity to perform in the dream of their high school musical. Since auditions are not open to everyone in the student body, it leaves some students lost. The school motto is “something for everyone,” but not everyone is given the chance to audition for this activity, or even for this one class.

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I would like the musical to be a regular activity as it is in other schools, with the audition opportunity open to anyone in the student body who expresses an interest in musical theatre. The class description of Broadway Company states, “the group specializes in acting, singing, and dancing from Broadway shows” and “wind up as a vocal jazz troupe.” In the forty minutes the company is together during school hours, they can be focusing on these topics and learning the special techniques of musical theatre as they would in a class. I hope you take this idea into consideration. As principal of North Campus, you should be proud of the successful program here at Arrowhead.

A change like this would make a difference to a number of students. Thank you for your time.