This is Growing Up?

My friends of the high school year get upset lately when I don’t want to laugh at their stupid immature jokes and they get mad when instead of just messing around with them, I would actually like to take my work seriously. I have dreams that need some effort if I want to reach them and I’m aware that the effort needs to be put in now.

I still go out with them sometimes, I just don’t want to give my 100% to them just to waste. Suddenly, that makes me a “bore” and “no fun” just because I think that them going around doing pelvic thrusts isn’t weird and unneeded? I spoke with one friend about this, one of the few that I find mature and easy to talk to, and his comment on it was that it was part of growing up and maturing. Also, he mentioned that I shouldn’t worry about it because the majority of us will go through it and it will be just fine. My problem is, what if I’m maturing too fast and the others aren’t maturing fast enough? There are many days that I just want to cut myself off from them completely. And then I begin to think about others, and if they’re going through the same thing.

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It could be a total new world for me, a new group for them and anyone else who is just wondering out there, not sure what “clique” they belong to.