This World is ruled by violence

Violence is the first thing that pops into your head when your mad or sad. That’s what happened to my uncle Luis Reynosa. Luis was drunk that evening of a chilly march day. He was outside by the stares and got out to take some fresh air.

When suddenly two guys walked by him and said lots of things to him and he got mad which he does very easily. He got up and said “What’s your problem fool?” The guys answered “Luis, you’re such a loser.” Then my uncle left and they started to follow him. They started pushing him, and he got mad and punched one of the guys in the face. One of the guys had a pocket knife and stabbed himself on accident because he wanted to stab my uncle but stabbed himself instead.

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A lady called 9-1-1.The police came in a second; they arrested my uncle because they believed the other guys, and now my uncle can’t be even near the state. I realized that day that Democracy doesn’t rule the world; you’d better get that in your head: this world is ruled by violence. Violence makes everything worse than it already is. It destroys your family, your life, but mostly the understanding of people when they see you walk by. They might say “Oh, hey.

.. there’s that guy’s niece; remember that day?” or “Look at this guy; he’s messed up now.” I would know. My uncle has had problems but not as bad as the one he did March 4, 2009.

He’s everywhere now in the news, newspaper, and Internet, but what hurts him more is that he left every little good thing that he had here in the United States, especially his two little girls Kimberly and Kaomi. He’s in Mexico now working. Sometimes I call him to say hello. Once, I asked him if violence will always be the answer for a situation. He answered, “No violence is NEVER the answer.

” Violence will also hurt when you’re locked up in jail and not being able to do anything. Of course, he won’t always be in jail, but for now, violence is the reason that put him there. If I were to be in jail, it would be only because I fought for my family… not for doing bad or illegal.

It would only be for protecting my mom, dad, brothers, or my beloved sister. Violence will never lead you for something good; that’s something I can gurantee you.