Thunder Storms

Most thunder storms will consist of lightning, rain, high winds, and even tornadoes which all can be very frightening and dangerous to people. To others it’s just another rainy day. Lightning is the thing I hate most about a thunder storm.

In my opinion it is ridiculous. How does a giant bolt of light conjure out of nowhere? I looked it up, and it’s just like when you get shocked when you touch something metal, but one thousand times bigger. Lightning can be something very interesting to watch. Beautiful arcs of electricity carving a path of destruction across the sky only to come crashing down to earth with a loud crack, then a thundering boom. Even though it can be a once in a lifetime experience for some people, your whole perspective can change if you were to get hit. Being struck by a bolt of lightning would not be pleasant at all.

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A lot of times the lightning will hit trees or tall buildings. Most of the time the buildings will have a lightning rod and absorb the lighting, harvesting its power, but if it hits a tree there is a possibility that tree will catch on fire. Fire is a whole different power of destruction that can cause more death and suffering. This is why lightning is a dangerous part of a thunder storm. Rain is just about the only good thing that can come from thunder storms. It helps keep the vegetation from drying out and becoming useless.

It sounds amazing too. The pitter patter of water on the ground, the flowing of the water through the ditches and yards is very soothing. Another good thing about rain is that it cools everything off. If it has been one hundred degrees all week rain is very welcome to come in my opinion. There is only one downfall to rain though. If you get too much, flooding occurs.

Flooding can be just as dangerous as a fire. High water levels that can end up going over the road, houses can end up getting washed away, in some cases people may die, just another dangerous component of a thunder storm. High winds are another part of a thunder storm that can cause destruction. When someone says there is some pretty strong winds outside they probably don’t mean it. Maybe they are just saying the wind is stronger than normal. A lot of times a nice little breeze can be pretty strong to somebody, but I am talking about the wind from a thunder storm.

These winds can be extremely powerful. They can get strong enough to even uproot trees and sling them around! High winds can knock trees over onto power lines, which in the worst case can cause electrical sparks and start a fire and burn up a whole forest. High winds could knock trees over onto people’s houses and seriously injure someone. All of the things can be cause by a simple force of wind which can be very destructive. Last but not least, tornadoes.

Tornadoes can be one of the most dangerous parts of a thunder storm. They are almost like the high winds I was just talking about, but worse. A tornado is basically a spiraling chasm of death and destruction. They form when cold winds and hot winds mix together. The biggest tornado that can be formed is a category five.

It is a giant swirling vortex which will most likely destroy everything in its path. All a person can do during a tornado is get in a place without windows and sit tight while it passes. All of these components form a thunder storm. Luckily all of these things don’t happen at the same time. If they did, a thunder storm would be one of the most disastrous forces in the world.

Even though these elements are very simple they also are very destructive, and can only be waited out.