Titanic Free Essay Example

Long ago at 11:40 pm April 14th, 1912, a famous boat was hit by an iceberg. The name of that famous boat was Titanic… Titanic was a tragic accident.

Many passengers were on the boat. The next morning the liner Carpathia rescued 705 survivors. One thousand five hundred twenty – two passengers and crew were lost. Many people’s lives were lost that night. However the 705 were lucky. They all nearly drowned.

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The rescue was almost too late, and the tragic accident would have become worse. Still today we wonder how it ended for the people. The Titanic is still a mystery. People have found little information about the Titanic, and we want more. The Titanic has been lost 98 yrs and 28 days. Scientists are still wondering how it all went down.

They are trying to find more information about the Titanic. All was gone along with its memories, history, and its crew. No one is left to tell us the story of the Titanic.