To Choose or Not to Choose Narrative Essay

Students should not be the ones to select the book to read in class.

In most schools, teachers choose the books for the students. In others, however, it is up to the children. There are many reasons why students should not choose the class book. There could be many conflicts and disagreements among the students when it comes to choosing the class book. Boys may want to read something with a lot of action and adventure. Girls, on the other hand, may prefer a much more sophisticated book such as a romance novel.

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This could cause tension in the class, which could affect the student’s academic performance. It could also open a door to bullying or making fun one’s peers because of their interest in a specific genre. Another reason why students should not choose the book is because they wouldn’t be challenged. The students would most likely choose a simple book, that would take no more than a couple days to read. For example, if the student was a sophomore, they would choose a book that best suited a middle schooler’s reading level.

This would not challenge them to read more difficult books that are at their grade level or higher. If one doesn’t challenge himself, then he wouldn’t develop good vocabulary or improve his grammar. Last but not least, the student would not have enough exposure to different types of writing reading has to offer. If the student chooses the book, he would most likely prefer to stick with the types of writing or genre he is used to. However, if the teacher chooses the book, he would have to read it and hopefully he would be interested in similar books.

For example, if a student always reads mystery books, he would probably be reluctant to read any other book which was written in a different genre. Whereas when the teacher picks out a historical fiction novel, for instance, and “makes” the student read it, he/she may actually enjoy reading the book and would be inspired to read more just like it. Therefore, it is probably best if the teacher selects the class book. This is so that conflict and disagreements are avoided and students would be challenged in reading. Students would also be more exposed to different types of writing reading has to offer.