To much t.v

There has been a decline in reading across the U.S and it is primarily blamed on TV. Children, teens and even adults are affected by TV.

According to the A.C. Nielsen Co “the average child watches 1,680 minutes of TV per week.” With the advances of technology we are allowed to watch more TV with microwave ovens so you can make meals quicker so you won’t miss that new episode of Jersey Shore while you’re cooking dinner. There is also Dvr so you don’t miss any TV shows, but you will still watch the same amount of TV as if you never had a Dvr in the first place, maybe even more.

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TV programs such as SpongeBob also doesn’t encourage young children to express themselves creatively which will ruin their aspect of the world and make them think there is only one way to solve a problem. Long ago believe it or not there was no such thing as TV. Anything that was seen was only with your eyes closed listening to stories on the radio. When people weren’t listening to the radio broadcasts children were reading, playing outside or helping their parents with daily tasks such as getting thing for them, running errands or making things for future use in the house hold, such as candles or baskets. Companies like Apple and Barnes and Nobles are creating ways for it to be easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly to read such as the I pad or the nook where books you usually buy from ten to twenty dollars for are half price and in some cases absolutely free. Meanwhile we are still watching TV. Why, well because we are curious. Some T.V shows have gripping commercials that make us want to keep watching.

Sounds too similar to the summary you find at the back of a book telling you what happens in the story that leads the main character to a problem that heshe must solve before something else happens such as a teenage girl who needs to lose weight before homecoming, which is 4 months away. Or a textaholic that needs to control her obsession before she is forced into log cabin in the middle of the woods where there is no signal.