To My Classmates Across the Lunch Room

“PREPS”- Many of the other people outside of your social circle call you “preps” and I will admit it, so do I. In my opinion, many of you are hypocrites. You people say that you are very accepting.

Well, believe it or not, I used to sit in that big crowd, and no one ever accepted me. People always talked over me and ignored me. I don’t believe that that is accepting. Instead, you push me out like I am nothing, and that is not how I would like to be treated. Another thing that really bothers me is how loud you have to be. I see girls all over the guys wanting their attention badly.

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I see you throw food and pour milk on other people’s food just so they won’t be able to eat it. I think that you really need to grow up. Lastly, I am sick and tired of that boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Yes, you are going out with someone, I really don’t care about that. What annoys me about that is AFTER you break up.

When you break up, you make such a big deal about it. You say that you “loved” that person when actually, you have no idea what love is. Don’t me wrong, of course I don’t know what it is, but you saying that all the time just annoys me. If you really loved that person, you wouldn’t be able to get over them that fast. “TROUBLE MAKERS”- About you people, I am so glad that the popping milk cartons thing is over but you are EXTREMELY loud, and that is VERY annoying. But other than that, I really don’t have a problem with you people, Just you guys get into so much trouble, and think that it’s cool when actually, so one cares about it anymore.

KEEP IT DOWN! That’s all I’m saying. I realize that I am bunching a whole group together, I know that some people do not fall under what I have said, but this is what I see, and what I have to say to those two groups.