A High School Orchestra Room

Imagine this. A young freshman is racing down the long hallway that connects the middle school to the high school. There is no clock in that long hallway, but she knows she will be late. Her violin bounces off her leg as she dashes faster, but she is out of luck.

The bell rings loudly down the hallway that now seems like a never-ending tunnel. She knows if she is late for class again, she will be in huge trouble. The orchestra teacher has no choice but to let them out late. The teacher does not know what time the bell will ring once she lets them go. She only knows that all the time possible should be used for practice. And as the panting freshman races to her next class, she wonders to herself, why the high school cannot have its own orchestra room? The high school would benefit exceedingly from an orchestra room both for convenience and for efficient use of time for both the students and staff.

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Everyday, the orchestra students of Lake High School sprint like track stars to get back and forth from the middle school to the high school. This, of course, causes huge time conflicts for both the orchestra students and staff. Because of the long hallway between the two schools, it becomes impossible to tell when the bell will ring once down the hallway. Some students are slower than others are; some have more complicated instruments to pack. The time the students are let out of class affects all.

Sometimes the students are extremely late; sometimes they are early. Being late causes problems for the teachers of the student’s next class. The excuse of, “I was late from orchestra,” soon becomes over-used, though it is the truth. On the other hand, students dismissed early also case an issue. Students let out too early causes problems for the classes still being taught.

Many students find it hard to keep quiet; therefore, causing a distraction to other students. The usage of time is a major reason why the high school could benefit from an orchestra room. Being late or early to the next class is not the only problem. Though time is a major reason, having class time cut short is a problem, and racing through lessons becomes a major issues. Because of the time it takes to get to the middle school and back, lessons are shortened to a little over a half an hour.

This shortens the students learning time. It stops the growth and experience of the students as musical learners. Most students are not trying to be famous like Mark Wood, they just want a place to develop. A new orchestra room in the high school would allow the orchestra to be able to practice for a longer time and improve their abilities. Because the orchestra must go down to the middle school, many students do not feel like a member of the high school.

Imagine being a freshman, finally being away from the middle school. Then imagine what you would feel like if you had to go back there everyday, just because the high school had no room for the orchestra. Many freshmen, as well as other high school students in the orchestra, feel like they are part of the middle school, rather than the high school. The high school always wants students to show school spirit, but how can one show school spirit when they do not feel like part of the school? Being recognized is another reason the high school could use an orchestra room. Though it is a huge thing to ask now, I know that the high school will greatly benefit from an orchestra room.

It will give teachers and students alike a peace of mind. It will also allow the orchestra to grow and become better string players. Members of the orchestra will also feel more like high school students if a new orchestra room is added. I am not asking for something mammoth. I am not asking for something expensive. I am just asking for a proper place for the orchestra to flourish.

Does Lake not want all students to succeed and be proud members of the school?