School lunch

When I was in kindergarten through 3rd grade, I would eat school lunch almost every day.

There was no reason not to. It was good and really inexpensive. Only a buck fifty, plus twenty five cents for milk. There were great foods like sloppy joes and meatball subs. The only thing I didn’t like was the tuna salad on a bun, but on those days I could just have a home lunch, and i could still get a milk and the doritos that came with the tuna.

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It all started going wrong when they added the fish on a bun to the menu. I was in fourth grade I think. By then I was already only having school lunch a couple of days a week. It was mostly just because it was easy to pack leftovers for lunch, but it was also because they had bumped up the price. But back to the fish. I avoided it, but all of my friends who ate it, said it tasted like cardboard.

It was always a bad day when it was for lunch. Then the unthinkable happened. The worst thing that any of us could think about…

The sloppy joe was taken off the menu. Why? Because it was unhealthy. It was only a matter of time before they took everything we knew and loved about school lunch. They took away all of our favorite lunches. The tacos.

The (not my favorite but other people’s) tuna salad. Eventually even the turkey hot dogs. And they got rid of seconds. New “healthy” foods came along with the loss of the unhealthy ones. And by healthy I mean they just made it whole grain. Whole grain spaghetti.

Whole grain mac and cheese that for some reason had brown cheese. Even whole grain pizza. Who’s ever heard of that? At least making them whole grain didn’t make them too much worse. But a lot of people were very unhappy. There are a lot of picky eaters in this world.

Then came the lunches at the rindge ave upper campus. The new way to make the food healthy was to have tiny portions. I understand that there are many kids who are overweight in america, so they should have less calories. We don’t need any more obese children. But a two hundred calorie lunch is just too small.

Especially for growing kids. One time the lunch was just a small baked potato. thats it. They also made everything just be horrible. Sure they added back the taco, but I tried it and it did not taste like meat. It was disgusting.

There was one thing that seemed to be good, which was some kind of soup, but once again, the portion was absurd. You could eat the whole thing in one mouthful. And everything else is so bad, that I don’t want to enter the caf most days because of the awful smell. I can’t imagine how bad it is to eat the stuff, and i feel bad for the people who have to. The food is so bad that even on the days I forget to bring lunch I don’t dare buy it. And since I don’t have money on my account, I wouldn’t even if it was good because it costs about three fifty now.

One time when I forgot my lunch someone gave me their pizza they didn’t want. I quickly realized why they didn’t want it. The cheese was burnt to a point that it was like a plastic. I lterallt couldn’t bite through it. Once I tore that part off and managed to eat it, it was hard to do just because it was so bad.

How can you ruin pizza? There isn’t a single good thing about school lunch anymore. Its smaller portions. It tastes terrible. It costs much more. All because they wanted to make it healthy. I have nothing against healthy food itself, and most of the food I eat is rather healthy, I don’t think its worth it for them to go to such extreme measures to make such crap.