Jocks. Preps. Skaters. Stoners. Goodie-two shoes.

Nerds. Losers. Dirties. Loners. Wanna-bees. Everyone knows the classifications and everyone knows where they fit.

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Jocks don’t date nerds, and loners aren’t friends with preps. These groups don’t intermingle. Often times the jocks and preps are completely unaware of the presence of these other people, but of course everyone knows who the jocks and preps are. They treat people that aren’t their friends differently, they judge everyone, and they’re held up on a pedestal of perfection. They have the perfect hair and clothes. Nice cars and big houses.

But at the end of the day, they’re just people and they’re only popular because you let them be. Without their followers and everyone mimicking their every move, they would be nothing. Just people like everyone else in the school. Now, imagine a school where the jocks don’t care if their girlfriend is a nerd and doesn’t have as many friends as he does. A school where people are judged on the content of their character rather than the brand of their clothes.

A school where people don’t judge someone else before they even meet them. A school where people don’t fall into cliques and everyone can be nice to everyone. If everyone could be a little less judgmental and I little kinder, many more students would be tolerated and many less tears would be shed. Students wouldn’t feel excluded, and everyone would get along better as a whole. If everyone could get along better, the entire school body could be an example for the community and together they could create something bigger than just tolerance, they could create peace.