Too Few of Two Selections

These crossroads provide confusions unalike. One way leads to ensured catastrophe. A kind achieved through those “good intentions” yet yield a troubling and rippling effect that ends in police lights, pissed on walls, tacky jumpsuits, and unrevered judges whom have full control over your likeness and well being.

They have a regal sort of faith in their judgments supported by the infamous gavel. Each strike soliciting you closer to a hell none of us belong to. The other leads to ensured bankruptcy. A kind achieved through those “good investments” yet yield endless collection notices that end up in stiffling overtime, uncompromised stress, and a piece of paper that entitles you have knowledgeable skills in a field you may never be employed into. It pays to be employed, however, one should not have to pay to be employed. These payments of thousands to obtain this paper to achieve employment have paradoxically left us payers more broke than whence we were before this grand employment of benefits, hours, high wages, and structured time frames.

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As I unveil my crossroads I see more clearly than ever. My life can only go one of two directions. Each possibly leaving me more unsatisfied, less sufficed, and equivocally more ambivalent than from whence I conceived this notion. I infer to choose the more latter of any possibility.