Sei Writing Plan

Template for Full Structured English Immersion (SEI) Completion Course (45 hours) Name: Proficiency Level:ELD III, Intermediate Est. time frame to complete lesson40 minutes *School/District: ELP Standard: The student will express their thinking and ideas in a variety of writing genres Language Skill(s): The student is able to write functional text that addresses audience, stated purpose, and context DSI Focus: Use of action verbs versus non-action/stative verbs Correlating Academic Language Arts Content Objectives: S3C3PO1: Write a variety of functional text

Key Vocabulary: •Directions •Recipe •Functional text Lesson Sequence: Describe your lesson sequence completely.

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Include specific information on materials, activities and strategies employed so another teacher could implement your plan with out difficulty. This text box will expand as you type. 1. Review functional text (what is it? What does it do? Examples. ) 2. Today we are going to write one example of a functional text most of you should be familiar with… maybe you used one, saw one being used, read one in a book… directions to do something 3.

Show examples and point out how they are written. Key words, etc. 4. Remember that functional text gives us directions on how to do something in our real lives; in this case, we are going to write directions for washing your hands. 5. First, you will partner up with another person and watch each other wash your own hands.

While you watch, write down notes on your paper of what you see. DON’T write down anything other than the things you see! Switch.

Repeat. 6. Post examples back on the board 7. Students will work with their partner to write down the steps.

. To make sure they are logical, they will switch with another group and follow the directions exactly how they are written down. 9. Go back, meet with other group and discuss what happened. 10. Work together to rewrite the directions to be logical, sequential, and easy to read.

ADAPTATIONS: Have a cloze sentence page with the majority of steps filled out, students add important words, details; complete the activity whole group; pair students with a student who is one level higher in proficiency