Too Much Homework To Handle

?You get home from school, open up your backpack and look at all the homework you have. You have a worksheet for Math, a lab for Science, read for History, an essay for English and a project due in the next couple days for Spanish. On top of that, you had to stay after for practice or a club, which gives you less time to finish all of your homework and get to bed at a decent time. Today, as a high school student, we have so much on our plate; school, sports, band, clubs, and for some even work.

How are we supposed to do any of these things if we have so much homework? ?In this day and age high school students are getting up to 4hours of homework a night. This is an unreasonable amount for a student to have every night. We are already in school for six hours, why do we need to go home and have four more hours of it. Also it is especially hard for students who have other things going on besides school. I understand that school is a very important part of a young adults life and it will help determine their future, but it should not be their only priority. Students have to get other experiences in their life but it is so difficult to do everything with the amount of homework that is given.

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It is very hard for the students who do participate extracurricular activities to finish their homework at a decent time to get enough sleep. If you don’t get the sleep your body needs you cannot function as well as. This would lead to not doing well in school because you are trying to bring your grade up by doing your homework but it keeps you up too late and you are not getting enough sleep to do your best that you can. It is like a chain reaction, if you get too much homework for you to handle you could end up doing worse in school. Also, I understand why teachers give homework on the weekdays because they have to make sure we understand the material we learned in class. However I don’t understand why we get homework on the weekend.

The weekend is supposed to be our day off, to relax and try not to worry about things that we have to do for school. Even though we are in high school we are still kids and like to have fun with our friends. Sometimes we cannot do this because there is too much homework that might take us a whole day to finish. We could be missing out on other opportunities that are non school related but are just as important as school is to our lives. Also there have been many studies done that finds that too much homework is not good for a student.

Robert Tai, an associate professor with the Curry School of Education at UVa found “The more time students spend on homework, it’s not clear that they are getting better grades or better test scores,” There is a reason why we should not get a lot of homework because if there is no difference in scores between people who do homework and the people who do homework we should not be getting a lot. Also there are high school students that care a lot about their grades and want to have good grades. These students take their homework very seriously and most likely get stressed that they will not be able to finish it, or if they do finish it wont be good quality. Students becoming stressed about too much homework should not be happening. They are only high school students still “kids” they should not be stressed out about all the things they have to do.

As high school students we get too much homework to handle, especially if we are doing a sport or in a club. I understand that homework is a very important part of school but I do not think that we should be getting four hours of homework a night.