Tracking Classes

Do you know what a tracking class is? It is separating students by academic ability into separate classes. “The reporter had 8 students take a survey, Only 3 people out of 8 knew what a tracking class was. These classes are like the hunger games, they push you to use your knowledge to the best of your ability” said the reporter. Some people disagree with this idea. There are benefits and disadvantages to these classes.

In a survey I asked students how these classes affect the community, one student said “…more kids graduating because they are getting a more individualized education.” Others might find this a bad thing. An anonymous source said “this would make people less social with each other” but some might argue that it could also make them more social with people at their academic level.

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Its an on going debate and so the reporter asked students if they have ever been in a tracking class, 3 kids said “Yes”, 3 said “No” and 2 said “I don’t know. This didn’t surprise the reporter because of how many people don’t know what a tracking class is. How about you, how do you feel about tracking classes?