If you were told that this girl became famous because, she was so good at dancing you wouldn’t know that for yourself (for a fact) until you saw her on t.v., or in Hollywood.

Or if you are at school and your friends are telling you that Sheila got a hickie on her neck from this tenth grader. You shouldn’t believe them until you have the guts to ask her yourself or go ask him yourself, because you can never trust anyone when it comes to gossip, we know that. What happened to me was that my sister told me I was getting a phone for my birthday, and I didn’t believe her. Until I found out that my parents bought an extra phone, and they gave it to me saying “DON’T LOOSE IT CAUSE YOU WON’T BE GETTING ANOTHER ONE”. And I said “OKAY”. Well it can be 50/50 because, not everything that you hear or see on the computer, t.

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v., or radio is true. The people who report the different news or gossip about a person, doesn’t know if that is the true or false fact because, they weren’t there (at the scene) to know the information they said on the news, a radio station, or typed on the computer. So for you to know yourself, you would have to be there. That is why the situations could be a 50/50 situation.