Trying to hard

I get straight A’s. Every quarter, every semester, every year of my school life. I’ve grown accustomed to something I call the, “Your so lucky theory.

” People tell you, “you’re so lucky!!!” And I say, no I’m not. I Try hard (I figured this out a long time ago), Do you? They say that they try their best and I tell them that I work just as hard as them (And from my perception, I sometimes try harder). I laugh it off, but the truth is, sometimes this hurts like crazy. Sure, I finish my report a week earlier then that wonderfully curious girl who wants to know my secret, but I have none. So where do I go? Do try to hard, or not enough.

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When I see my grades, I don’t just look at those A’s like they’re a piece of trash. I take time to think why I deserved this, and I guess people don’t understand that. Period.