Tupac Should Be Taught in School Free Essay Example

“During your life never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams.” Tupac Shakur was a young rapper in his time who spoke about his aspirations for the world. He was an idealist and an activist.

Tupac Shakur should be a topic studied in school because he was a major influence of the Black Lives Matter movement and that’s a crucial thing students need to be learning about, he spoke about all the things politics tried to hide away and keep quiet about. Tupac spoke about the injustices he saw and faced during his lifetime through some of the most powerful verses in his songs. He spoke about the people who’s jobs were to keep the community safe and exposed their true colors…

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police brutality. He wanted to show the world that it’s not all peaceful and an equal place but instead a place where people turned to gangs for protection instead of the police because they were scared. Tupac is someone who everyone can relate to and understand where he’s coming from. He was big on “Thug Life” which would eventually turn into “Black Lives Matter” movement, he kept it real and spoke up. There is no reason why he shouldn’t be talked about as a subject in schools although he did have negative backstories it makes him more understandable. Many students would get to see how he actually changed the rap game forever and how he was standing up for the people who wouldn’t.

He was one of few influencers who really stuck with people for a long time. Tupac would inspire us to try and make changes on things we want to be better. He looked up to Malcom X who was also an activist and became motivated. Tupac was such a hopeful idealist searching for a change in society for a better lifestyle. Learning about him influences us to try and make a change like he was trying to.

If more schools taught about him it would really benefit this messed up world we currently live in.