Tupac's Argument

Some people think Tupac is a bad person because of his appearance or what they heard about him and his mother .His mother was addicted to drugs, but also was a black panther.

Most people think drug addict kids are going to be drop out’s or be apart of gangs but, Tupac Shakur actually went to Baltimore High School. While he attended that school he studied acting and english classes, the english classes were for poetry.Things all changed when moved to Oakland and learned the game. Students should study tupac because he was a young activist.”There isn’t anything wrong with Tupac’s mother she was just known for approaching a situation and taking control.

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Afeni Shakur was also known for being a “Black Panther”. She didn’t lead them but she played a big roll.Mutulu Shakur, her husband also known as Tupac’s stepfather he lead the Black Panthers with the help of his wife, Afeni and their friends and family basically black people. Tupac wrote poetry to express how he felt or about what was going on at the moment during his life. On his free time he used to read while listening to music that was his way of thinking or keeping calm.

Therefor i think students should learn about Tupac in school because of the fact that you can learn a lot about him. There are wonderful things you can learn about his persona. Tupac’s duality is so much you can learn a lot.