Off-Campus Lunch Argument

Are you a student who doesn’t like a lot of school food?A lot of students don’t like school food, which could prevent them from eating.If they ate off-campus, however, they would benefit the economy as well as eat.But many teachers say that students should continue to eat school food.However, this issue is affecting students, teachers, and parents, because they all want the kid to grow properly.

So, students should be able to have an off-campus lunch.They can have a much larger variety of foods to eat, and they will benefit the economy. Firstly, if the food is not what they would prefer to eat, the students might not eat it. Most students don’t eat school salads or fruits that would be offered to them.Many students would prefer fast food instead of salad or even an Apple.46% of California schools had open campus lunch, and they didn’t complain about it. (PHAI, 2016) Continuing on, students having an off-campus lunch would benefit the economy.If a student bought a Big Mac from Mcdonalds, it would cost $4.07.

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If they also got a soft drink, which is $1.02, the total would be $5.09.If a whole grade had that, that would quickly add up.If the grade was two-hundred kids big, multiply $5.09 by 200, and that would be $1018.

That $1018 could benefit the economy, and it was only one grade buying a Big Mac and a small-sized soft drink.If a student bought a large portion of Popcorn Nuggets from KFC, that would be $4.07, like the Big Mac.Even if the grade is smaller, and it has one-hundred fifty people in it instead of two-hundred, the total would be $610.5.

(Fast, 2016)Even though that is a smaller amount, that is a good amount to benefit the economy just because of off-campus lunch, instead of having the money go to a school, and it not benefiting the economy much at all. Students should be allowed to eat lunch off of the school’s campus.They will eat, as well as benefit the economy.Students will be able to have freedom and responsibility during school hours, instead of being bored to death in the cafeteria.Tons of students in schools dislike a lot of cafeteria’s food they’re served, so let students eat lunch off-campus. Works Cited “KFC Prices – Fast Food Menu Prices.

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