Twins have existed and have been recorded for millennia. It is natural for twins to fight, as portrayed in countless stories and myths.

Twins are not normal – instead of the norm of one baby, there is two. From the moment they are able to, twins compete and fight, trying to excel over the other. Although they do fight, twins share a tight, special bond. Athletics is the presentation of skills and strength. When twins take on sports, especially the same sport, the longing to do well and succeed skyrockets.

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Each member of the pair feels compelled to work harder and go above and beyond so that they can feel better about themselves when they do more than the other. For parents of twins, it is not uncommon to hear screaming. It takes only a word or two to spark anger a start a fight. Once one twin has begun to hurl insults at their twin, the other impulsively responds, building into a conflict. It is natural for twins to fight.

Many people claim that twins have a unique psychic connection. As there is no concrete proof put forward with such claims, it is not necessarily true. However, twins often end up choosing the same clothes to wear, and share alike interests. Since they had had similar life experience, they frequently think of the same thing simultaneously. Knowing each other for as long as they can remember creates a complex, intimate relationship between them. This allows them to communicate secretively and in their own way.

Although it may appear that twins have a special mind connection, they do not. Twins are unique miracles. While they may not act like they are amazing works of nature, just their existence is something to be thankful for. While there are tense moments of competition, bouts of disagreements, and the occasional sameness, there will always be times of love and affection between the two that are one.