Understanding the Natural World

The natural world is what God made for us to be able to live in. The natural world has its inner most beauty, joy and pain. To be able for one to understand what the natural world is all about, one should be able to accept what they cannot change. We live in world full of all sorts of bizarre incidents and issues that are with us every day. One should be able to understand that there is a time for everything and season for every activity under the sun.

One should not try to change things they cannot change. They should learn to be patient and wait for God’s time. Christians believe the world is perfect even its calamities that follow it. They believe that the problems human beings face are meant to take them closer to God. Human beings will be able to see the full works of God, if they undergo suffering and seek his mercies. By being forgiven and helped out of the problems, they are able to be grateful for what they have.

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The natural world is full of all sorts of people. People will come from all parts of the world with their differences. We, as Christians should be able to understand that how God meant it to be. We should not judge one another but rather embrace our differences and use that to make us better people. Forging AheadAs human beings, we should strive to make our lives better. This is what it means to forge ahead.

Father Boyle started the Homeboy ?Industries that helped the street gangs change their ways (2010). He transformed the lives of many street boys and helped them to forge ahead in life. He gave them basic skills in training that would help them to live a life free of criminal activities. By taking them off the streets, Father Boyle helped the society at large. A decrease in criminal activities is an advantage to the society as a whole. Human beings should leave their past deeds and lives behind them and strive to live a better life.

The past is not important. What is important is the future. The society should be able to embrace everyone in it and forgive their part deeds. The society should make it their business to guide the people who have gone astray so they can go back to living a good life. These in turn transforms the society as a whole because one bad person can affect the whole society. The society should help the poor to live a decent life with provision of basic needs in life.

Everyone should be his brother’s keeper as this makes us all live together in harmony. Education to all the members of the society whether poor or not is seen to be of paramount importance to the whole society. A society full of well-educated persons shines and has better economic standing than one that is not. People should strive to live together as one. Compassion for the fellow human being also helps in forging a just society. People in need should be assisted to get out of their misery.

This can be done by provision of free medical care to the poor. People should love one another and care for each other. This in the long run helps to benefit the society at large. Having a society full of people divided by their social standings does not serve a common goal of being one. Christians believe we are one in Christ and so we should strive to remain as one here on earth.

Conclusion Human beings came to this world to serve a purpose. There are times that will seem impossible but one should strive to achieve it no matter what it takes. Living together as brothers as sisters is what God intended for all of us. Despite our differences, we should love and care for one another. According to Sacks (2007), this involves actions and deeds that can help to change and transform another person’s life to be a better one.