Uniforms in school

Most children would disagree but children should wear uniforms in school because there have been too many incidents like insubordination, bullying, and sometimes some people can take the attire the opposite way when children wear what they want. Yes, it’s hard to believe but kids have been bullied because of what they decided to wear. Bullies will do anything to humiliate anyone, clothes is just one of those things. The bullies might say things like “Who dressed you, your mother”, or say “you look ridiculous”. This might bring the child’s self-esteem low and cause the child to be upset also hurt therefore causing the child to wonder what to wear the next day.

This may categorize under bullying, but wearing some clothes can be taken the wrong way. For example wearing a hood and baggy clothes could appear as if this person is in a gang or a dangerous person, but could be taken the wrong way, or if a person was wearing an “I’m with stupid” shirt then that could be taken the wrong way as well. Another example would be if a person were to wear spaghetti straps, certain things could be brought about like bullying and insubordination Insubordination is another big reason too. Say if a student wears a spaghetti straps to school, and is caught, most of the time, there will be some conflict. This may cause issues, therefore leading into more consequences that could have been prevented.

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To prevent any more problems (bullying, insubordination, and things to be taken the wrong way) all children should wear uniforms in school so it is a better environment