Uniforms: The New Ghost Busters

Middle school is a place full of pointless drama, bullying, and ups and downs. Many of the students find out the hard way who their true friends are and who aren’t. There are many other problems involved in this time, and middle school isn’t always fun and what we want it to be. Some of the bad parts and the problems of the middle school can be avoided with one simple solution; school uniforms.

I am all for school uniforms for a number of reasons. My first reason is that it will help prevent bullying and drama. School uniforms will act like ghost busters, but instead of stopping ghosts, they will stop problems with drama and bullying. If there is school uniforms, no one can judge you or bully you because of the clothes you are wearing since they are wearing the same exact thing. Also, no one can be mean to you since you have the same clothes as everyone now.

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School uniforms will benefit everyone. No one can be left out or treated differently because they aren’t wearing the “right” clothes. Some people might say that school uniforms will decrease someone’s individuality, but individuality at times causes more bullying and judgment. Unfortunately in the 21st century, people judge the book by its cover, and form their opinion during their first glance at you. If you are wearing black, people think you are Goth. Or if you dress weird, you’re a nerd.

You can get a backpack that expresses your style, and at dances you can wear whatever you want. School uniforms will stop the pointless bullying and drama that sometimes get in the way of why you really are at middle school. Another reason why I am all for school uniforms is that you can make friends based on who they are, not what they wear. Some students don’t want to become friends with someone based on the way they dress. Now students will make friends on their personality and who the person really is and what they like. Also, school uniforms will help break the social class barrier, and money won’t be a factor when choosing whom to be friends with.

This will help students so they won’t have to find out the hard way who their friends really are, and who are actually friends with them for who they are. Another reason why I think school uniforms are a good thing is, students should spend more time on schoolwork then deciding what they should wear tomorrow. Every day, advertisements, commercials, and even TV shows tell us we should always wear the newest and best clothes we can with designer labels. In television shows, when the students go to school, they all look perfect, and their hair is perfectly straight or blown out, without a single trace of frizz. They look like they just stepped out of Teen Vogue and they don’t have the tiniest imperfection. This puts the pressure on us to try to look perfect at school in order to be popular or to have friends.

In reality, no one is perfect! School uniforms will eliminate the stress of trying to look perfect in the trendiest clothes. School uniforms will help us use some of the energy that we use trying to look flawless and put that energy towards something that is important like grades or family! School uniforms will help the students spend less time on appearances and more on those more important things in life. Middle school is so stressful sometimes. If you ask students, most of them would do anything to make life a little easier! School uniforms is one simple way to help the students eliminate some of the unnecessary trouble that is caused by what clothes to wear, and the time that is spent on trying to achieve the impossible goal of looking perfect.