University Of Louisville Hospital

Automates Medical Records Coding With Captaris Business Information Delivery Solution

Captaris Workflow and Alchemy Integration improves Quality and Cash Flow; Saving Hundreds of Hours in Processing Time.

The University of Louisville Hospital is integrating Captaris Workflow with Captaris Alchemy Document Management software to streamline the business process of coding patient medical records. As a result of deploying the integrated solution, the hospital expects to save hundreds of hours in processing time, improve quality assurance and maximize cash flow to the hospital from third party insurers.”Coding medical records so they can be billed correctly and quickly is absolutely essential in order to maintain consistent cash flow for the hospital,” said Robert Summers, systems analyst at the University of Louisville Hospital. “The medical records coders – those who take the records and code them for payment – are the last gatekeepers before the billing process. The longer it takes for the records to be processed the greater the lag time in getting information to the insurers, significantly impacting payment schedules.”University Of Louisville HospitalIn the document-intensive process powered by Captaris Workflow, patient records are scanned into folders, the digital documents are then sent to the coders for processing and finally sent to quality assurance for billing. Using the Captaris document viewers, the coders first decipher doctors’ notes relating to categories ranging from general admissions and surgery to medications, physical therapy and radiology. Once the paperwork has been appropriately coded based on insurance requirements, the information is sent to the billing department. Captaris Workflow enables information sharing among the coders, creating another layer of quality assurance.

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The records are then indexed and archived in the Alchemy Document Management repositories for future access, providing the hospital with a secure archive of patient health information. Confidential and sensitive patient information — including medical images, paper-based documents, forms, enterprise reports, email and hard-to-access legacy system data — is managed in a centralized and secure location, all addressable by common identifiers.According to Summers, the hospital is significantly improving its ability to expedite the billing process through Captaris Workflow, as well as providing immediate access to patient records with Alchemy Document Management. “Combining these two applications gives us an uncomplicated, simple to use solution that facilitates a cleaner process and speeds up the time from record coding to billing. I like to call it ‘minimizing the turbulence’.” Summers added.

“The repositories mimic the department filing system, which makes it even easier for our staff to manage.”The University of Louisville worked with DigiStor, a Phoenix-based solutions provider and Captaris partner who provides document imaging and enterprise content management solutions and services for a variety of industries including healthcare, financial, and government. “Captaris Workflow is simple to use and integrates easily with Alchemy Document Management, a solution with which the hospital staff members are already very comfortable,” said Tom Lites, vice president of DigiStor. “We’re looking to expand this solution into other hospital departments, bringing Captaris Workflow and Alchemy together to support other real time business processes.”

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Captaris Business Information Delivery solutions help organizations of all sizes automate the information and document flow throughout the information lifecycle (capture, process, deliver, manage and archive). With a comprehensive suite of software and services, Captaris helps organizations to grow revenues and increase profits while meeting compliance goals. Through a global distribution network of leading enterprise technology partners, Captaris has installed more than 90,000 systems in 95 countries in companies of all sizes, including the entire Fortune 100.Captaris Workflow provides easy, flexible and integrated business process workflow for organizations in any Microsoft or enterprise application environment; enabling dramatic improvements in productivity, accountability and compliancy.

Captaris Alchemy Document Management gives organizations the power to securely and simply manage their document lifecycle (including images, faxes, email, Office documents, PDFs, and computer reports) in ways that drive revenue, cut costs and meet compliance goals. Together, the products provide organizations with a powerful document workflow and lifecycle management solution.Captaris is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., and has main offices in Tucson, Ariz., Portland, Ore.

, Englewood, Colo., Calgary, Canada, and European headquarters in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. In addition, Captaris has sales and support offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai. The company was founded in 1982 and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol CAPA.For more information please visit