Ups case study

When the UPS receive a pick-up call from a customer, its Data Center can find he driver who can get the customer more effectively, economically and speedily by the UPS Data Center information knowing driver’s location due to driver’s AID connecting with data center. Packages gathered in Package Center are delivered by drivers after scanning bar code on them.

When Drivers deliver packages, drivers simply scan the package bar code, collect the receiver’s signature electronically, type in the last name of the receiver and push a single key to complete the transaction and send the data.

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The AID IV sends delivery information to the UPS data repository s soon as the delivery information is entered. 3. Wireless communication gives the drivers In field flexibility transmission capability. Drivers don’t have to activate a cell phone or return the vehicle for sending theirs information of delivery only If they use wireless communication with AID_ The UPS can check driver’s location and provide them with more efficiency information for delivery such as route traffic, weather condition by text massages.

The customers also get information that come from AID with wireless communication for their packages. 4. ) Computer hardware – AID, scanning tools, UPS data repository system, Infrared Arid, 2) computer software – ODDS(on. Darned services) 3) Networking and telecommunication technology – CDMA radio, an acoustical modem, 802. Bib wireless local area network connectivity.

The proper role of information technologies enables the UPS to succeed in business and keep leading company. 5. 1) Operational excellence Drivers don’t need to spend more time to inform delivery information to UPS.

They only have to use AID. The UPS can notice whether packages are delivered with information provided automatically by AID.

2) New product, service and Business Models The UPS can approach new country for Its service more easily than other competitors a complete fuddle of standardize service. 3) Customer and supplier Intimacy Customer can get various information such as packages tracking from internet at home available at all time. So they don’t have to spend more time nor call The UPS to know their package location and schedule. 4) Improved decision making.

The UPS can find suitable driver for picking up package as soon as a customer asks or picking up their packages.

5) Competitive Advantage. The UPS is able to keep No 1 . Delivery industry leader with merits coming from investment in IT. Its investment can cause The UPS to do speedy and profitable making decision, save for spending papers and fuels, improve customer satisfaction, and deliver correctly and speedy. 6) Survival If the UPS hadn’t invested a lot in IT, it wouldn’t keep No.

L in delivery industry and might not adapt the change of global economy and would fail in competition.