Vacation Homework

I cannot comprehend why schools decide to hand out vacation homework.

To my knowledge a vacation is a period of time in which someone has a break from work. The distribution of work that is to be complete during the vacation goes against the whole point of a vacation. It’s possible to say that the point in vacation work is to keep the student body on edge so they may work well as they return to school, but at least give an assignment that is exhilarating instead of a mood killing, dreadful writing assignment or worksheet. What about an assignment to go out of the house and live a little? That sounds much more fair than an entrapping assignment. It’s possible that the teachers that grade our work don’t want to grade our work because that involves observing our work closely and judging our minds. So you have two sides here that don’t want this burden on their backs.

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Why do we have it? We could be observing the great outdoors and enjoying ourselves. We shouldn’t be blamed for not living to the fullest because of these acts against our free time. Are we being taught that nothing is free? Are we to learn that we are enslaved by school in this so called “free” country? I, for one, will no longer stand for this! In the end, the distribution of vacation homework isn’t fair to anyone. What’s the purpose of having these assignments? To keep us students on edge isn’t an answer enough because it is just a suppressing method with no clear agenda. This should not proceed. Start petitioning against vacation work in your schools now!