Vocal Nodules

I will be doing my report on vocal nodules. Vocal nodules are callouses in the back of your throat.

They can be caused by a number of things but overall it’s caused by vocal trauma. It causes the voice to sound rough and breathless. It constrains the pitches you can reach. Say if you could previously reach a tenor’s notes you would be backed up to alto. If you sang high it backs you up to alto.

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Vocal nodules are caused by vocal misuse, vocal abuse, scratching of the throat, smoking, etc. In order to get rid of vocal nodules you must get surgery and then attend voice therapy over a large period of time. Although they say that most surgeons try to avoid surgery at all time. If the vocal nodules are bad enough and they damage the speech many doctors offer voice rehabilitation. It involves vocal training, speech therapy, and vocal rest. Vocal nodules can have very serious effects they can cause you to lose your voice completely if you’re not careful.

There are several steps you can take to prevent vocal nodules from forming. Screaming, yelling, smoking, too much caffeine intake, too much alcohol intake, breathing in harsh fumes or chemicals such as dust, these can all cause voice nodules to form.