Wasted Characters

Oh, the pompous jerks of high school, their fists violently making contact with a buddy’s shoulder in the hallway, and the floating heads of the Populars as they make their way to the center of the cafeteria, not avoiding more than being unaware of the glances of those considered, lets say, less important. From the eyes of an unseen student, they would most likely, without conscious thought of what they’re doing, view these people as their role models. I don’t disagree with them for their undying desire to be known, their undying desire to be ‘normal’, but I do wish life weren’t so structured, that people could embrace their beings, and that they would let themselves shine, not within the shadows of the road ‘Popular’ walks, but as their true self.

Someone’s got a talent. Someone will go home and embrace it, share it to their family members, being the brave person they know they are, and go to school with their bag filled full with books and homework, their sights too concentrated on what they think should show to the world. Someone, however, has left their talent at home. Everybody’s character makes up and defines a school’s personality. Everyone is different, so use that to your advantage.

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Is it the normal thing to get invited to a party every week and drink yourself silly? Is it the normal thing to be surrounded by friends who crack jokes on the latest roaming rumor? Is it the normal thing to always be surrounded by a bunch of friends during free periods or lunch? It’s inevitable—everyone is unique no matter what they think. Okay, so you’ve never had a boyfriend, or you’ve never had a drink of alcohol in your life, or you’ve never understood a joke referencing sex. What does this say about you? Don’t you dare think it automatically makes you a loser. Because it doesn’t. It means you are who you are.

No one on earth can make a judgment about it. And if they do, they are the ones who don’t understand, and they are the ones who are going to have trouble interacting with society. Life is not about trying to be like someone else. If they’re known by the world, it’s simply through their own characters and their own persistence. A ‘nobody’ could follow a Popular to the top of the social ladder and feel accomplished. But just think: is this what you want? So you’re seen, but you’re not seen as who you are.

You’re seen only as what you thought you wanted, but not who you are. Don’t lose yourself, is what I’m saying. Just because one person says something is right doesn’t make it right. If everybody’s doing it, but you don’t agree, then back away. Go back to what you know. Don’t waste your character.

It may not seem important to you now, but you’ll regret changing simply because you’re not satisfied. Life has its ups and downs. You’re not the only one. If anything is better than keeping the status quo, it’s keeping your character intact.