Argumentative Essay on We Need Less Homework

Truer words couldn’t have been said any better in the article ” We Need Less Homework” by Aidan R. Aidan believes that “our students need a smarter, better education, not hours of busy work every night.” In fact, when students hear the word, homework, they either roll their eyes or even make a loud groaning noises with disgusted faces.

The overall average of students, despite homework because as Aidan explains “Homework takes up too much of children’s time [which] causes them unneeded stress.” Exceedingly amount of homework can actually “harm teens health.” For example, sleep deprivation, which can cause symptoms like troubling of concentration, low immune system, and as well as, an increase risk of depression. The above symptoms creates learning at school, indefinitely difficult. None of the symptoms improves their grades and causes a decrease in their involvement in extracurricular activities. Healthy student are the key to good grades and excelling resumes that includes numerous school activities, either being in a band “learning new instruments,” and even playing sports.

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Aidan’s example of schooling in Finland increased his persuasiveness of his claim. Multiple students are “forced to sacrifice a significant portion of [their] life.” All of the factors that Aidan utilized, created an overall strong claim. Thank you Aidan R. for creating an effective claim on the point of view of the students and not just the overall idea of homework.