We've Ruined Our Minds

We have ruined our minds.

We have destroyed our hearts. Learning is a burden rather than a blessing, but we’ve only ourselves to blame. Haven’t you realized our education system has been destroying new minds rather than creating them? Haven’t our elders noticed this? It’s a fairly obtrusive phenomenon-our lack of will to do as we must. Surely, there must be a cure. And shouldn’t we be apt to find it? Shouldn’t we break from the mold of our static minds so unwilling to learn and tell the system we desire knowledge of our passions rather than knowledge of the conventionally dull? I love to learn yet I dread the monotonous path of high school that I have walked forth upon. It is time for the system to change, to be more individualized.

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It makes me sad to see the bright souls fail because math is not their forte, and it makes me cringe to see the ignorant souls enter the National Honors Society as they smile through false teethy smiles.