7 Reasons why Junior High Ruined my Life

#1: Waking up for school- “Johnny, time to wake up!” your mom shouts as you roll over and shove a pillow over your head.

“Johnny, wake up!” This time she comes into the room and turns on the light. You give a monotone groan and go back to sleep. “Johnny! WAKE UP!” This time she comes in the room with a bull horn and shouts at you. You finally get up and realize you have 15 minutes until school starts. #2: Horrible teachers- Green, slimy skin, alien-like eyes, fangs, etc. If any of these things describe one or more of your teachers, you may be suffering from creepy-teacher-itis.

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Your teachers may be going whole days without mentioning the subject you’re there for, constantly giving you the wrong answer and not accounting for it, or giving you way too much homework. My heart goes out to all those who deal with this every day. #3: Homework- Junior High School is traditionally known for exceedingly great amounts of homework and enormous text books. A school day without having to haul home all these things is probably a holiday, summer vacation, or another day without school. #4: Drama- We’re not on TV so stop acting like it! Save all that drama for the soap operas honey, I’m at school to learn.

I may be young and restless at school, but I am not ON the “Young and the Restless”. #5: Lockers- I often find myself with a headache because of frustration with my locker. Having to hit your locker to get it open, slam your shoulder against it to get it closed, or have a certain number of times you have to do the combination every time you want it open is like having a boxing match with a stationary object. It’s really not fun. #6: School food- Do you find yourself asking “What is THAT?” every day at lunch? Is there a species of mold unknown to man growing on your pizza? Does your hot dog BOUNCE?! If you answered yes to any (or all) of these things you may be facing the dangers of school lunch. So next time you’re deciding which line to get into, make sure you know what’s for lunch.

It can be pretty depressing when the macaroni is green on a day other than St. Patrick’s Day. #7: Writing on desks- Some of you may disagree with me on this, but that conversation on my math desk is not really as exciting as it may seem to the authors. Nor is the gigantic F-word written across my science desk (Thank you for reminding me every day of how you feel about this class. I was worried I’d forget).