Free Essay on What Age? 16? 18? – Free Essay

I think that you should be age 16 to have all of your responsibilities, well most of them anyways. Which ones would you suggest are ok to have? I think that if your 16, you should be able to at least get a job babysitting, or getting a job at a public shop.

Some people at age 16, don’t have a job or don’t have their drivers license yet. Some people at age 16 already are pregnant. Which will be a bad influence on their kids when they are older, and ask about what happened when they were born. People at age 16 may be very responsible, or not very responsible. Most of the 16 year olds that are not very responsible are the ones whom have poor grades.

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The 16 year olds that are very responsible are the ones whom have good grades. The teenagers that are not very responsible may be getting into trouble a lot, or may have some criminal records. It’s important to have good grades when you’re young so you don’t mess up when you’re older. It’s also important because you would want colleges to recommend you to their university. It’s also pretty important to not have a lot of criminal records so the cops are not always on your tail.

some people i don’t know that are in. 16 is the age that most teenagers have grown to their puberty level. Some boy teenagers don’t reach their puberty level until they get into mid-high school. Most girl’s start developing around 5th grade to 8th grade. By 8th grade some teens already have babysitting jobs. Normally girls get the babysitting jobs, not the boys.

Most girl’s are the ones to get babysitting jobs, because they are more careful, and know how to cook, and take care of the cleaning. The boys also know how to cook but some don’t really know how to then the food gets burnt. Some boys know how to cook, but that’s 1 out of 3 boys in a likely chance. I am 14, and i have 2 babysitting jobs. One job is at my neighbor’s, and the other job is at my babysitter i had when i was a kid, now i’m babysitting her kid.

I also believe that after you have your sweet 16, that should be your last birthday party. Not your last party, but your last birthday party. So, it’d be no more squealing horns, no more squeaky, helium, shocking balloons, and no more elf birthday hats. Your last birthday party should be when you turn, 16. Maybe not to some people who don’t think they are mature enough, i know that my last birthday party will be when I am 16. After that sometimes I might have a little party, just with family.

I believe that age 16 is when you are mature enough to start doing things on your own. 16, is the age that a lot of people start driving their cars, getting a job, and taking care of themselves.