Argumentative Essay on What FFA Has Done for Me

The importance of family and friends is something everyone should cherish. To me, they are my life and without them I don’t know where I would be. They encourage me to do my best and are so supportive of my every decision even if they don’t agree with it, but ever since my high school career has started a lot has changed. Freshman year, the group of twenty or so girls and I started going our separate ways, but still remained close. I knew that all of us wouldn’t be friends long, but never thought I would lose my oldest friends.

It was hard, but we all made friends in the different clubs and sports we were in. All this changed in an instance when I became so involved in FFA. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but to those girls it did. They only saw the surface of FFA as a lot of rednecks that show cows and get in trouble, but little do they know about how it has made such an influence in my life. Since joining, I have traveled all over the nation and met so many people who are highly respected. I have been given the opportunity to numerous amounts of scholarships and potential career plans.

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My public speaking and confidence is over the top and am proud to say I am one of the most active people in the county of Delaware. It has given me the chance to become am officer being elected as the 2012-2013 FFA President. Since I have devoted myself into the organization I have made hundreds of friends, but the people still think I have changed for the worse because I don’t associate with them anymore. They only see me as one of the girls the most but in a way I have changed. I have been taught to move away from drama and to look ahead at the people that are going to be in my future. I’m not the troubled “ag kid” that only hangs out with “aggies” and people don’t understand the amount of close relations I have made all over the country.

To be a better person, I have taken being misunderstood and used it to push me for what I want in life. Without that push away from them I would never be in the position I am in now.