Argumentative Essay on Why School is Important

Intro:Imagine walking in my shoes for a day.

See yourself waking up for the day at 4:00 in the afternoon. It is almost done sunsetting. Making breakfast at dinner time, my room would be a mess. My house would be a mess, my laundry needed to be done. Dishes needed to be done, but none of that mattered to me. All that mattered to me was doing what I wanted to do; which was watch Empire all night, then sleep until the sun goes down.

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There are lots of things that I missed about going to school; Miss learning things, Since I wasn’t going to school for six months, I did not learn anything useful.I missed out on things that I needed to know. I missed out on furthering my education. Friends–seeing people, interacting – I did see some friends while i wasn’t in school. My best friend Sierra, and my ex best friend Bailey.

I lived with them for roughly 2 months because Sierra graduated early and Bailey didn’t go to school either. So I was entertained with them for a little bit. I wanted to interact with other people. The only few things we did do was eat and sleep. It got really old after awhile.

Order in life – I ate a lot of food, then i would just lay in bed or not be doing any physical movement whatsoever. I had a schedule for my day; wake up early, go to school and go home. I was used to that. When i stopped going to school, I didn’t even wake up in the morning. I woke up around the afternoon time.

Now that i am back in school, I have my order in life back. Getting a job that you are prepared for – Having a job means having certain skills that you learn at school. I missed out at learning new skills when i wasn’t attending school. Having a job is very crucial to me. I need a job in order to graduate on time next year. Career and college fairs – When i get done with high school, I want to go to nursing school to be a traveling nurse.

If I do not graduate high school, I can not go to nursing school. I am pretty sure that they do not accept high school dropouts who got a GED. So i desired going back to school so i can go to college to get my dream job. SENIOR YEAR – I hadn’t gone back to school then I would have missed the best part of High School, SENIOR YEAR!Seniors get to do so much cool stuff that the other grades don’t get to do. Seniors get to go to Prom, seniors have a senior skip day, seniors have a senior prank, and so much more.

Senior year is the year where you look for colleges, and get prepared for college. It’s the most important year yet. It is basically the only year that matters in High School.