School Uniforms Argumentative Essay Online

More than twenty-five people are judged by what they are wearing every day at school. Most students don’t like to wear school uniforms and I agree. But, there are just some rules that you cannot control.

I think students should wear school uniforms. Fifty percent of students agree that students should keep wearing school uniforms and the other half think that it would be best if students wear their own clothes. This research is shown by Chloe Spencer on Thursday during October 3, 2013. Both sides are true at this point and let me tell you why. Students would be best if they wore school uniforms. Students wouldn’t have to worry about what they are wearing.

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Students wouldn’t have to worry about other people judging them and day. Students should wear school uniforms because they would look more educated in what they are learning not what they are wearing. Research shows that if students could wear their own clothes, they would pay more attention to what they are wearing. Students shouldn’t worry about what they are wearing because teachers don’t grade you on what you are wearing they grade you on what you are learning. Students look more educated wearing school uniforms. Wearing school uniforms will help you later on if you want a job.

You would look ready for the job. If you go to a job interview they won’t just hear what you got to say they will also look at what you are wearing to make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothes. Uniforms might not be the most important thing in the world, but you would look more organize in what you are doing. There are many reasons why students should not wear school uniforms. Students should not wear school uniforms is because every year parents would have to spend a lot of money on school uniforms that students are not going to fit later on in life. In New Jersey, thousands of parents reported that more than three hundred dollars is spent due to school uniforms.

Parents have a struggle of saving up money because of school uniforms. Most parents’ jobs don’t pay a lot of money so it’s hard to keep up with what they have. Buying school uniforms would just be a waste of money because in most high schools, students can wear their own clothes. Wearing school uniforms will improve students’ learning environment. School comes first not last.

School districts should start making students wear school uniforms. With school uniforms, students will look more organized in what they are doing. They won’t be distracted by what they are wearing because everybody is wearing the same thing. Most people would think that if students wore school uniforms everybody would be even and wouldn’t be judged by what they are wearing. Wearing school uniforms show that our school is in a good learning environment